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We are proud to be one of the first flight schools in the world with an officially approved “Zero Classroom” Online ATPL theory course. Pass rate average last year: 92%

Easy License conversions ICAO to EASA

All-inclusive service for the fastest ATPL / CPL conversion process, full documentation control with authorities, online training, easy-pass question bank, ATPL exams worldwide, skill test on simulators & airplanes.

EASA Exam centers

Choose from more than 20 exam locations worldwide. Enjoy the unique benefits of our multi-location exam programs with a variety of EASA courses.

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Latest ATPL Theory Reviews

Google Reviews | Easy-Pilot Ltd.

35 reviews
Youssef Laaroussi
3 weeks ago
I converted my ICAO license to EASA with the wonderful help of Easy pilot Ltd. The team was always beside me at every moment and did respond to my questions quickly and efficiently. Special thank to Mr. ATTILA :without you this journey would have been impossible. Thank you Ms. Blanka for your support. I highly recommend Easy Pilot if you want to boost your pilot career.
3 weeks ago
I completed my EASA ATPL theory exams through Easy-Pilot as part of my license conversion. The ability to write examinations in Dubai and South Africa was very convenient. The examination process was smooth and easy! The Easy-Pilot team are professional, friendly and always available to assist. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to complete their ATPL examinations.
Domenico Vinci
1 month ago
The school offered perfect support. The seminars were well organized and the teachers were highly competent and really helpful. Training Manager and Training Coordinator were super helpful and always able to provide answers quickly. My experience was excellent and I highly recommend it.
Shahin Mohtasham
1 month ago
Absolutely one of the most professional EASA ATPL teams in Europe.
Mihály Marcsek
2 months ago
Friendly team with helpful instructors .I'm happy to recommend the online ATPL theory course to everyone.
András Bodnár
2 months ago
The Online ATPL course is professionally organized. The question-bank they provide is extremely useful and accurate.
2 months ago
I would like to recommend to all Spanish pilots to take the ATPL theory course at this institution. I really had a good experience
Ikk Ádám
3 months ago
I can only recommend the team, especially the online ATPL theory course, the question bank, that they provide is extremely useful!!
4 months ago
Fantastic ATPL Kusus, really well organized and can only recommend this school.
Balint Biro
4 months ago
great team. the online ATPL theory is very well organised.
Gabriele Peruzzi
4 months ago
Everything went smoothly and perfectly before, during and after the training! Captain Andras, Head of Training, gave me all information I required and helping me with the preliminary administrative aspects, making everything clear and easy for me. Aleksandar Ristowski and Attila Kis, my Training Coordinators, were really kind and helpful during the entire training phase: they did a marvellous job, I got perfect support, clear guidelines and detailed care when needed, also with the paperwork. So I really, really want to thank them! Many thanks also to TKI Vladimir Milosavijevic (clear and very useful live classes) and Blanca Badics (for administrative information readily accessible). To whom may want to take a Distance Learning Course, EasyPilot would be a great choice! Thanks to the entire team and wish you strong tailwind for the future! :)
5 months ago
Aerobatic Training: Great Organisation by Attila!! Very experienced Aerobatic instruction by Zoltan, flexible with timing, and also great help with finding accomodation. Overall fantastic Job!
Jawdat Jaarah
5 months ago
One of the best aviation academies that I have known, where the student feels that he is part of the work team, where I found knowledge and experience in giving, and most importantly, where I found cooperation from the entire work team, I thank the Training Manager : Blanka BADICS
Nathan Ungar
6 months ago
Easy pilot haloed me to convert my FAA license to EASA. The process was very smooth and basically they took care of all the bureaucracy and helped me to get the best training plan. I must give a special thank you to Attila that was available to help and answer questions almost 24/7, had the solution for about anything and even was checking up on my progress, making sure I get all the training and instruction I needed. Thank you Attila and thank you easy pilot!

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