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Absolutely, you can start to take your theoretical exams. However you need to obtain your Class 1 medical and ELP before your skill test. Also your rating has to be valid at the time of the skill test.

Around 15.000. They cover all the 13 ATPL theory subjects + KSA100. We are working with two providers Aviation Exam and ATPL question

You have 18 months to complete all 13 exams from the first exam taken.

The certificate will remain valid for a period of 3 years from the date of efficiency for issue of the CPL(A) or IR(A) and 7 years from validity date of the IR(A) entered in the CPL(A).


It depends on which CAA you are taking the exams at. Usually there is no limitation on the number of subject, however the time is limited.

At the Hungarian CAA you have 6 hours.

If you are doing ATPL conversion with Easy-Pilot, you can start to take the exams anytime, however we recommend that you practice at least 1-2 months before your first examination.

If you are doing ATPL theory (or CPL conversion) with Easy-Pilot, you have to complete 3 internal exams before your first CAA exams.


No, you can obtain it anytime before the skill test.

It is recommended in the EASA member state, that will issue your license. Otherwise you might stuck in the process of medical transfer for a couple of months.

It depends in which country you acquire the medical certificate. It varies from €300-€1500

Renewal is more flexible, we have a long list of AEC, where renewal can be completed.


In every individual case the CAA determines the training requirement depending on the flight experience, however by experiences pilots this section might be completed with zero flight training time. 

Usually the conversion of each rating takes only one checkride. 

You can do It anywhere on an EASA approved simulator with an EASA certified examiner.


There is a possibility of license transfer to other EASA member states.

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