ATPL Theory Course
100% Online - 0% Classroom
ATPL Theory Course
100% Online - 0% Classroom

EASA Frozen ATPL Theory - Distance Learning CourseEASA Frozen ATPL Theory Distance Learning Course

The EASA ATPL theory credit is a certificate awarded upon successful completion of the 13 ATPL exams. This certificate is mutually recognized among all EASA member states, so you can take the exams in any of the EASA CAA's however some of them are easier to work with than others. We will provide guidance depending on your exact needs.


What steps should I expect?

Minimum study hours in ATPL theory course


  • - for pilots with PPL(A): 650 hours total
  • - for pilots with IR(A): 500 hours total
  • - for pilots with CPL(A): 400 hours total
  • - for pilots with CPL(A) and an IR(A): 250 hours total


How to start

  1. Simply apply for the course, shortly we will set up an assessment call with one of our training pilots - here you can ask your questions, everithing will be clarified regarding the process.

  2. Licence verification, you will be asked to provide your current pilot licence for our training department. A PPL licence is the minimum required to start the course. Verification is completed usually in 1-2 business days, then we will prepare your contract and send it to you for review. Once you signed and made the payment, your personal training coordinators will guide you through the whole process.

  3. You will start the online course and join our on-going live webinars flexibly. The first official CAA exams can be taken within 6-7 weeks depending on the chosen CAA

    Is the full ATPL Theory course online?

    • Yes, our ATPL courses are 100% Distance Learning.
      We are one of the first EASA flight schools with an approved "Zero-Classroom" ATPL online theory program.
    • Flexible Online Classroom
      Live webinars are provided weekly. Sessions are on-going, you can join anytime.
      No physical classroom attendance is required.

    What is included?

    Smart e-learning. All-in-one platform for ATPL

    • Online Learning System
      ATPL distance learning platform with the latest study materials and the best ATPL books.
    • Webinars with KSA 100 Standards
      On-going live training sessions with KSA 100 standards. Our Training Captains work hard to give you efficient and practical learning experience.Try it yourself!
    • Best ATPL Question-bank
      - Access to the most accurate published EASA exam database
      - Access to our internal Easy-Pilot ATPL exam database. It’s monthly updated, based on the actual ATPL exam feedbacks. (This ATPL database cannot be found in the market)
    • Airline interview preparation
      Offering a diverse range of top-tier airline interview questions and simulating real interview scenarios for hands-on practice. Our group course with experience instructors will help you to prepare and to succeed on your assessment.
    • CBT Pro
      Our new Computer Based Training will give you the most effective learning experience. User-friendly step-by-step modules and simple explanations with  interactive slides and animations.
    • Private Lessons
      Beside the group webinars, we provide private instructors with one-on-one lessons for deeper understanding.  We make ATPL Theory so easy!
    • Exam Guarantee
      You will pass all ATPL subjects, or your exam fee will be returned!

    How much does ATPL training cost?

    Basic Course 
    • Self Study Platform
    • ATPL Books
    • Online Classes
    • Fast Track Exam System
    • Worldwide Exam Centers
    Extended Course 
    • Supervised Distance Learning
    • ATPL Books
    • Flexible Online Classes - Live!
    • Fast Track Exam System
    • Worldwide Exam Centers
    • Personal Training Guide
    • Airline Interview Preparation Course
    • Published Question-bank
    • Easy-Pilot Question-bank
    • Exam Success Guarantee
    • CBT Pro Learning System
    • Private Lessons Online

    What is Fast-Track Exam?

    • With the conventional ATPL schools you need to complete the full course (6-12 month) before you can start taking the final CAA exams.

      Our training is different.  Pass as you go!

      With our Fast-Track System you can take your first CAA exams on the subjects that you have just completed during the course (usually within 6-7 weeks from start).

    • Why our pass-rate is significantly better?

    • Learn & Pass instantly! Our students can focus on 2-3 subjects at the time (instead of memorizing all 13 subjects before the first exam).

    Where can I take the ATPL exam?

    EASA exam-centers worldwide 


    European Exam Centers

     Budapest, Hungary
     Bucharest, Romania
     Vienna, Austria
     Braunschweig, Germany
     Paris, France
     Warsaw, Poland
     Mosta, Malta
     Bratislava, Slovakia
     Basel, Switzerland
     Helsinki, Finland
     Reykjavik, Iceland
     Enschede, Netherlands
     Madrid, Spain


    Non-European EASA Exam-Centers

    Exclusively operated by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority & Easy-Pilot Ltd

     Istanbul, Türkiye
     Dubai, UAE
     Casablanca, Morocco
     Johannesburg, South Africa


    • More Locations
    • On request we are happy to organize exams to most European Countries not listed above.


    How to join the ATPL Theory course?

    • It's on-going. Start Today!
      Simply join any of the upcoming live webinars and schedule your self-study flexibly. Your personal training coordinator will guide you through the whole process until you pass all exams.

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    ATPL Theory FAQ

    Yes, it is fully accepted in every EASA member countries.

    Your license also can be transferred to any other EASA member state.

    Optionally you can choose your exam location so you will get the certificate of your chosen Country

    A frozen ATPL is an expression referring to the qualifications of a pilot who has passed all 13 ATPL theoretical exams but has not yet met his or her flight requirements. It would become 'un-frozen' when the flight experience requirements are met.

    The ATPL license will remain valid for a period of 3 years from the date of efficiency for issue of the CPL(A) or IR(A) and 7 years from validity date of the IR(A) entered in the CPL(A). Once the ATPL Theory exam has been passed, you have 7 years to complete the process as the Frozen ATPL Certificate is valid for 7 years.

    Minimum study hours in ATPL theory course


    • - for pilots with PPL(A): 650 hours total
    • - for pilots with IR(A): 500 hours total
    • - for pilots with CPL(A): 400 hours total
    • - for pilots with CPL(A) and an IR(A): 250 hours total

    Total duration of the EASA ATPL Theory course inculing exams is typically 5-7 months.

    Any ICAO or EASA PPL license is enough to start the course. No other ratings are required.

    You have 18 months to complete all 13 exams from the first exam taken.

    It depends on which CAA you are taking the exams at. Usually there is no limitation on the number of subject, however the time is limited. At the Hungarian CAA you have 6 hours.

    No, you can obtain it anytime before the skill test.

    Once you accumulate 1500 total flight hours and 500 multi-pilot time, you can take the ATPL skill-test to obtain an ATPL licence without taking any additional theory exams. This is what commonly referred to as "unfreezing the licence". The primary distinction between an ATPL and a CPL licence lies in the authority to serve as a Pilot-in-Command (Captain) in multi-pilot commercial air transport. With a CPL, you can only act as a co-pilot (First Officer).

    Latest Reviews

    Google Reviews | Easy-Pilot Ltd.

    49 reviews
    Leon Freiberg
    1 month ago
    I recently completed my ATPL training with Easy Pilot's online course. The structured curriculum and knowledgeable instructors made complex topics accessible. Using AviationExam software, the practice tests were invaluable. Easy Pilot's commitment to quality education and support truly stands out, and I highly recommend them for anyone pursuing an ATPL through online learning.
    Kamaldeep Chudasama
    4 months ago
    Jeg tok mitt pilot sertifikatet (EASA) med pilot instruktør Andrasz og det var en flott erfaring. De tilrettela for at jeg kunne gjennomføre og er veldig glad jeg valgte de. Hvis jeg skulle gå videre med CPL eller ATPL vil jeg velge de igjen.
    Alexander Giron
    6 months ago
    Excellent service provided by all the staff. Strongly recommend Easy Pilot for your pilot training.
    Joanna Dryjas
    6 months ago
    I wanted to take a moment to share my positive feedback. From the very beginning, the instructors demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication to the success of each student. The curriculum was comprehensive, well-structured, and up-to-date with the latest industry standards. The balance of the theoretical knowledge was well-maintained, ensuring a thorough understanding of aviation principles.What truly sets your pilot school apart is the personalized attention and mentorship provided by the instructors. Their commitment to the success of each student was evident, fostering a supportive and encouraging atmosphere throughout the training process. I would highly recommend your school to anyone aspiring to pursue a career in aviation
    Kuanysh Gabdulla
    6 months ago
    I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the airline assessment preparation course by Easy-Pilot on Full Motion FSTD Simulator. The hands-on experience with the simulator was invaluable, providing a realistic and immersive learning environment. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the course content was spot-on. I feel more confident and well-prepared for my airline assessment. Thank you for an excellent learning experience!
    Giorgio Pagliarini
    7 months ago
    Excellent EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge provider in Europe. Everything from initial contact and orientation (Cpt. Andras, Bea) to admin (Blanka, Linda) to self learning platform (I used AVEX which was quite enough but there are now other options) & study materials to online classes TKIs (Cpt. Vladimir deserves a special mention) as well as training facilitators (Attila, Greg) were no less than top class. I was also supported with local CAA (Hungary) registration. I passed all 13 exams in 3 sittings at first attempt. Online classes are regularly offered in the weekends, cycling through all subjects and each is followed by check examinations. Attendees are from all over the World. I would definitely recommend Easy-Pilot and look forward to aerobatic training (which they also offer) in near future.
    Youssef Laaroussi
    9 months ago
    I converted my ICAO license to EASA with the wonderful help of Easy pilot Ltd. The team was always beside me at every moment and did respond to my questions quickly and efficiently. Special thank to Mr. ATTILA :without you this journey would have been impossible. Thank you Ms. Blanka for your support. I highly recommend Easy Pilot if you want to boost your pilot career.
    9 months ago
    I completed my EASA ATPL theory exams through Easy-Pilot as part of my license conversion. The ability to write examinations in Dubai and South Africa was very convenient. The examination process was smooth and easy! The Easy-Pilot team are professional, friendly and always available to assist. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to complete their ATPL examinations.
    Domenico Vinci
    9 months ago
    The school offered perfect support. The seminars were well organized and the teachers were highly competent and really helpful. Training Manager and Training Coordinator were super helpful and always able to provide answers quickly. My experience was excellent and I highly recommend it.
    Shahin Mohtasham
    9 months ago
    Absolutely one of the most professional EASA ATPL teams in Europe.
    Mihály Marcsek
    10 months ago
    Friendly team with helpful instructors .I'm happy to recommend the online ATPL theory course to everyone.
    András Bodnár
    10 months ago
    The Online ATPL course is professionally organized. The question-bank they provide is extremely useful and accurate.
    11 months ago
    I would like to recommend to all Spanish pilots to take the ATPL theory course at this institution. I really had a good experience
    Ikk Ádám
    11 months ago
    I can only recommend the team, especially the online ATPL theory course, the question bank, that they provide is extremely useful!!

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