How to convert an ICAO CPL licence?


The first step is always the ATPL theory exams

The following are the absolute minimums after completing the 13 ATPL exams:

  • Valid ICAO CPL licence with VALID MEP/ME-IR rating
  • Minimum of 200 hours total flight time, including 100 hours as PIC, of which 50 hours X-country as PIC
  • Minimum of 55 hours instrument flight time
  • Minimum of one X-country trip of at least 300 NM with two stops at aerodromes different from the base
  • EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • EASA English Language Proficiency Check
  • Proof that you have completed PBN during your instrument training. (In case you did not, PBN training will be provided for an additional cost)

If you are interested please fill up the following form and send it to​​​​​​​

Can I do the conversion on SIM?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The CPL skill test is clearly defined, it is single-pilot operation and must be done on complex aircraft. You can find the exact items of the skill-test on the following link, which is the same across all member states.

Practical part of the conversion

The practical part of the conversion is done in two skill-tests after the flight training. On day one, you will do the CPL and Multi-Engine class rating conversion combined. That is why a valid MEP rating on your original licence is a MUST. On day two, you will do your Multi-Engine Instrument Rating conversion.

After this, the documents will be submitted to the CAA, and you will receive your EASA CPL licence with valid MEP and ME-IR ratings. (AUPRT and PBN courses are also available and can be done at the same time)

Adding a multi-pilot type rating

Once your EASA licence is issued, you can add your valid type rating with a TR skill test (2 hours on SIM) your licence. You do not need to complete a new type rating course.